Edgenta Stars Engagements


Edgenta Stars Held Its Edge20 Appreciation Day

24 June 2016 was a momentous day for all Edgenta Stars as an Appreciation Day was held to commemorate the completion of EDGE20-Phase 1.

Edgenta Young Star (EYS)

EYS is a capability development programme wrapped around employee engagement for our younger employees range of 24-29 years old.

SL1M-YES Engagement Session

A session which sees the Management team of UEM Edgenta interact with SL1M-YES trainees to provide them with career aspiration and guidance. It is also a platform for the trainees to provide their feedback and suggestions.

Brown Bag Sessions

Brown Bag is an initiative aimed at updating ourselves with new ideas, perspective and views which we can then share with our colleagues, family and friends and adopt in our daily lives.

People Capability Evaluation

To begin exploring the level of Edgenta Stars’ capability against the expected role requirement and provide the right development programme needed for each job. First roll out to Asset Consultancy and will be followed by all services in September 2016.