Establishing the UEM Edgenta Research and Development (R&D) Centre

We are also placing more emphasis on the services provided by our Environmental and Material Testing unit which will complement our efforts to ensure all our products, services and procedures have minimal impact on the environment. To support this unit, we are establishing the UEM Edgenta Research and Development (R&D) Centre which will look at the development of more sustainable and environment-friendly road surfaces, amongst others.

Additional Services under the New Concession Agreement

Under the new Hospital Support Services Concession Agreement, we are providing additional services under a Sustainability Programme, which will focus on water management, indoor air quality, energy efficiency and the 3Rs of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We have also made environmental considerations paramount at our sewerage treatment plants (STP), ensuring sewage is treated properly to minimise pollution in our rivers. Additionally, we limit the chemical discharge from our building cleaning services, making sure the chemicals are trapped by the STP system.

While we have yet to establish specific eco-friendly policies within the Company, we continue to stress the importance of environmental preservation among our employees, and have started to promote energy efficiency and recycling as we seek to reduce our environmental impact.