Integrating Social And Environmental Matters Into Our Procurement

UEM Edgenta’s sustainable procurement strategy embeds environmental, economic and social criteria into contractual documents. Both environmental and social factors are considered when making purchasing decisions to help minimise the impact in these areas.

Traditionally, only upfront costs were important when making procurement decisions. However, we now ensure that our supply chain partners behave ethically in line with our values. Periodic and random checks are carried out to ensure vendors’ compliance with all applicable laws, enactment, orders, regulations and legislations governed by the Malaysian Laws. The procurement team works closely with their operations counterparts who manage and monitor the vendors’ performance and compliance with the regulations.

The disposal of hazardous waste, such as clinical, chemicals and e-waste, is closely monitored to ensure it follows approved procedures and the Environmental Quality Act 1974.

In conforming to the requirements of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, all vendors, suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors are required to adhere to UEM Edgenta’s Health, Safety and Environment Policy as well as the general health, safety and environmental regulations under the Environmental Quality Act 1974 and Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994. Vendors failing to comply with these requirements will be subject to penalties, which may include having their contracts terminated. All selected vendors are expected to provide safe, hygienic and healthy working facilities and provide their employees with adequate training on these matters.