Monitoring of Vendors

Vendor compliance is closely monitored through periodic and random inspections and audits by UEM Edgenta’s procurement team. Penalties, without compromise, will be imposed on non-complying vendors.

For Healthcare Services, vendors and suppliers receive stringent penalties as per those imposed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) on UEM Edgenta . This is to align with MOH’s requirements on non-compliance under the Service Agreement.

Adherence to labour standards, such as minimum wages, benefits and compensations, are monitored through periodic checks and random requests for actual pay-out transactions, with direct communications with workers at the operational level to solicit genuine feedback.

Reminders are issued at regular intervals upon the inspections and audits if tendency to minor non-compliance is detected and observed during site inspections. The procurement team works closely with their operations counterpart, who manages and generates complaints reports for action to be taken on defying vendors. Disposal of hazardous waste, such as clinical, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and electronics waste products, are closely monitored to ensure the disposal process is carried out according to the approved procedures and the Environmental Act.