Pintar School Adoption Programme

In support of UEM Group’s PINTAR Foundation Adoption programme, UEM Edgenta has adopted six primary schools in Peninsular Malaysia. This 3-year programme aims to foster academic and non-academic excellence among students from under performing schools within the communities we serve.

The programmes are guided by the PINTAR Core Modules of Team Building, Educational Support, Capability and Capacity Building and Reducing Vulnerability and Social Issues. The programme which started in July 2015 will run over a three-year period within the six adopted schools.

  1.  SK Bandar Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kedah
  2.  SK Wan Sulaiman Sidiq, Kedah
  1.  SK Jenderam, Selangor
  2.  SK Sg. Rawang, Selangor
  3.  SK Bukit Tampoi (Asli), Selangor
  1.  SK Seni Yong Peng, Johor

We have been engaging with our 6 adopted schools to understand their needs, and develop programmes that are guided by the PINTAR Core Modules.

The Company will carry out the identified programmes over a 3-year period until 2018.