Setting Up of New Subsidiary to Provide Comprehensive Energy Solutions


In energy management, we formed a joint venture company, Edgenta Energy Services Sdn Bhd (EES), which enables us to provide a range of comprehensive energy solutions, which few others in the country are able to offer. This collaboration is with an international leader in monitoring and control solutions in the UK.

Though only having been set up in August 2015, EES has already implemented Energy Management Systems at 33 Government hospitals, and is deploying controls and data managers monitored via a command centre, the nerve centre of our operations. With this Command and Contact Centre (CnC), which has been fully operational since September  2016, we will be able to showcase monitoring and control energy consumption in real time.

The CnC is the central hub for the creation and implementation of IoT applications into the realm of facilities management. CnC’s goal is to optimise efficiency and performance through integrated automation systems for all buildings and projects under UEM Edgenta’s purview.

The scope of work offered involves not only energy management, remote monitoring with controls, and building automation, but also on predictive maintenance and strategic building management planning.