We continuously seek to enhance our business processes with innovative systems and procedures to maintain our edge in the marketplace.

As part of efforts to cultivate a culture of innovation, we participate in the Innovative and Creative Circle (ICC) conventions organised by Malaysia Productivity Corporation.

In 2015, the initiatives of three UEM Edgenta teams – Cone, Smart-Vision2 and B-Clean – were recognised at the National level convention, where Cone was awarded three stars, and the other two teams, two stars each.

Cone introduced the idea of sensors in road cones to alert workers of oncoming vehicles. Implementation of this system in the 4th quarter of 2013 has contributed to a 0% accident rate in Section C1 Edgenta PROPEL.

Smart-Vision 2 developed an innovation to improve the quality and process of painting high mast poles, resulting in a 31% reduction in cycle time.  in Section N6, 55.5% reduction in manpower, 26.7% improvement in processes and, most importantly, achieving 100% worker safety, as well as cost-effective reduced traffic congestion, and air and noise pollution.

B-Clean team improved our signboard cleaning system, reducing cleaning time by 51% and improving the signboards’ visibility. As a result, the number of  post-cleaning complaints received has reduced by 60%.