Creating A New Identity

Our employees are the driver of our operations and are key to our success. We are therefore committed to attracting and retaining valuable talent and creating a work environment that inspires a high level of performance. Following our merger in 2014, we have become the largest Total Asset Solutions entity in Malaysia. In order to nurture a sense of belonging to this ‘new’ company, we recognise the need to create a sense of unity amongst all employees to effectively converge the skills, knowledge and expertise of our expanded workforce. As we aim to become a regional player, we are committed to further enhancing our employees’ capabilities through training and development in our hopes to offer improved, more innovative and efficient solutions to our clients.

Various initiatives have been implemented to also ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, as well as our contractors. Our aim is to create a strong safety culture in which everyone is responsible for his/her own safety, and the safety of their colleagues.