Sustainability Policy

At UEM Edgenta, our Sustainability Policy and Corporate Responsibility Policy that reflects the Company’s commitment to operating in a sustainable manner. Our success depends on our ability to identify and address economic, environmental and social issues that present risks or opportunities for the business. Empowering our people and responding to emerging issues helps us continuously evolve by leveraging on innovation, technology and the expertise of our people. This approach creates economic value, establishes and promotes sound environmental practices that contribute to a better society and delivers sustainable development throughout our operations.

UEM Edgenta Is Committed To Achieving This Balance By:

  • Providing a healthy, safe, conducive and empowering workplace;

  • Being an environmentally responsible leader and partner in our communities;

  • Conserving natural resources by optimising reuse and recycling wherever possible;

  • Ensuring the efficient and responsible use of water and energy;

  • Utilising operational processes that do not adversely affect the environment;

  • Conducting rigorous audits, evaluations, and self-assessments of the implementation of the sustainability policy;

  • Working with our stakeholders to enhance awareness, and incorporate, practice and promote sound environmental practices, using our resources to provide leadership, guidance and motivation where necessary; and

  • Taking steps to continually develop and provide environmentally-supportive performance and advances, including embedding sustainability into our decision-making, planning and investment processes to provide sustainable value increase to our shareholders.

Sustainability Governance

UEM Edgenta’s sustainability governance is supported by key policies, systems, processes, standard operating procedures and best practices.

The Board of Directors reviews and approves all policies and strategies. The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, supported by the Executive Management team, is responsible for establishing and maintaining policies and procedures. The team ensures the respective heads of department manage their respective teams effectively to integrate sustainability into their daily operations.