UEM Edgenta held its first 2016 Analyst Briefing on 1 March 2016 at the Point, Mercu UEM


Our first Analyst Briefing, for the year was held in conjunction with the announcement of the Company’s 2015 full year financial results on 29 February 2016, is part of UEM Edgenta’s continuous commitment to enhance its communication with the investment community.

In addition to presenting an overview of the 2015 full year financial results, the briefing also covered key business division updates as well as an overview of our strategic direction and outlook for year 2016.

The briefing was led by Azmir Merican, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of UEM Edgenta. He was joined by Ir Wan Azman Wan Salleh, Chief Operating Officer, Dato’ Jezilee Mohamad Ramli, Chief Financial Officer and Dr. David Prentice, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Opus International Consultants Ltd, who joined the panel for the first time to provide key updates on Asset Consultancy operations locally and overseas.