UEM Edgenta and Kaodim Collaborate on Vendor Procurement Enterprise Platform
UEM Edgenta's Command & Contact Centre is the central hub of its technology solutions for clients across the region
Full Release: Kuala Lumpur, 20 April 2020 – UEM Edgenta Berhad (“UEM Edgenta” or the “Company”), the region’s leading Asset Management and Infrastructure Solutions company today announced that the Company has entered into an agreement with Kaodim Sdn. Bhd. (“Kaodim”) to kick-start a collaboration between the parties, with an immediate pilot roll-out to a client of UEM Edgenta with nationwide presence.

Under the collaboration, Kaodim, the leading services e-marketplace with regional presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines, will provide an enterprise platform solution for UEM Edgenta’s vendor procurement and delivery of services, the first-of-its-kind in the asset management and infrastructure solutions space, and marking Kaodim’s entry into the Business-To-Business (“B2B”) space.

This solution allows UEM Edgenta to elevate its vendor management via technology, which promotes better transparency and openness, as well as reduces process time. It is made possible by features of the enterprise platform such as an on-demand vendor management and rating system which evaluates vendors on attributes such as quality, pricing and safety, as well as real-time visualisation and analytics. In turn, all these would enable UEM Edgenta to enhance its service delivery to its clients.

“The partnership with Kaodim is in line with our vision to be a technology company, where we partner with leading solution providers such as Kaodim to enhance our services, and in this case, to disrupt our own business model. The enterprise platform forms an integral component of our vendor / contractor strategy, as it enables agility and scalability for us to roll-out services to more clients rapidly”, said Dato’ Azmir Merican, the outgoing Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of UEM Edgenta.

He further added that the enterprise platform will be supported by quality assurance on services performed by vendors procured off the enterprise platform, as well as continued solutioning for clients by UEM Edgenta’s personnel. Another component of the Company’s strategy is the Edgenta Academy, which offers UEM Edgenta personnel and vendors training & development courses, focused on aiding the development of standards in the asset management and infrastructure solutions space.

“We are excited to partner with Edgenta and expand our offering into the B2B space. We have found that many tools we use internally to reliably deliver home-services can also benefit companies like UEM Edgenta, who need to manage a wide array of work orders and service providers. Through our configurable admin infrastructure, we will support Edgenta in optimising quality standards, response times and cost. Our proprietary intelligent procurement, automated scheduling, digital payments, quality assurance functionalities and more will be used to ensure service segments are dependable, accountable, and efficient; resulting in increased revenue and profitability for our partners.

We have always believed that the technology we developed can be valuable beyond residential cleaning, air-con repair, and plumbing. Working with an innovative and forward-looking company like UEM Edgenta is a great way for us to leverage our product to radically digitise and innovate the maintenance and repairs industry”, said Jeffri Cheong, Managing Director of Kaodim.

UEM Edgenta, through its businesses currently manages more than 300 hospitals and healthcare facilities across Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and India, as well as more than 300 commercial and industrial buildings in Malaysia. In the infrastructure space, the Company manages and maintains over 3,100 km of roads and expressways across Malaysia and Indonesia. During this period of COVID-19 pandemic in the country, UEM Edgenta’s employees are involved in delivering essential services daily, primarily its healthcare support service front liners, together with highway maintenance operations and facility management teams.


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