UEM Edgenta Redefines Sustainability: Unveils RM100 Million Zero-Capex Programme and Comprehensive Solutions for Energy Efficiency, Asset Management & Smart Buildings
KUCHING, 5 September – OPUS Consultants (M) Berhad ("OPUS Consultants"), a leading Asset Management and Infrastructure Solutions company in the region and a wholly owned subsidiary of UEM Edgenta Berhad ("UEM Edgenta" or the "Company"), proudly announces its strategic entry into energy efficiency and sustainable asset management. This aligns with UEM Edgenta's ESG focus and 'Edgenta of the Future 2025' vision, targeting growth in Healthcare Support, Infrastructure, and Technology. OPUS Consultants' foray into energy efficiency and sustainable asset management further reinforces UEM Edgenta's commitment to shaping a sustainable future.

Committed to driving positive change and fostering environmental sustainability, UEM Edgenta, through OPUS Consultants, and EPR (Kuching) Sdn Bhd pledges RM100 million for the 'Sustainable Zero-Capex Program' to convert existing government assets into smart/green buildings. By using their platform Asseto, OPUS Sarawak and EPR Sarawak will be pulling together all latest green technology on energy efficiency, smart cities solutions and iOT to be deployed within the state of Sarawak. This initiative targets buildings and asset owners, including both Sarawak government owned-companies and Sarawak government-linked companies, to meet their net-zero emissions visions through advancements in green building practices, energy efficiency, and sustainable asset management. Commenting on the programme, Syahrunizam Samsudin, Managing Director and CEO of UEM Edgenta, and spokesperson for OPUS Consultants shared, "Our substantial RM100 million allocations under the Sustainable Zero-Capex Program aim to enhance asset performance, operational efficiency, and stakeholder value. This initiative empowers new and existing building and asset owners to expedite their sustainability agendas, thus enabling them to seamlessly adopt sustainability with minimal to no upfront cost. Our comprehensive ‘Sustainable End-to-End Asset Lifecycle Management’ solutions encompass comprehensive energy efficiency, decarbonization, sustainable green, and smart building solutions. By adopting these solutions, our clients not only contribute to a greener future but also unlock tangible benefits for their operations and bottom line; this is where sustainability meets savings.”

“Our sustainability solutions have proven track record of delivering savings, driving performance, efficiency, profitability, and enhancing asset value for our clients. Numerous clients have benefited from OPUS Consultants' sustainability solutions, realising up to 52% savings in electrical energy consumption, over RM114 million in total electrical savings, carbon emission reductions exceeding 32,000 tCO2, and diverting 3,798 tons of organic waste from landfills. Additionally, their solutions have facilitated over 30 managed hospitals in meeting Energy Management Gold Standards, achieving 19 GBI and LEED Certified Buildings, and attaining reductions of over 11% in water consumption and 15% to 30% in annual asset maintenance costs. we hope that more Sarawak government-owned companies and Sarawak government-linked companies will seize the opportunity and benefits of these solutions, following in the footsteps of those who are already reaping the rewards,” added Ir. Ts. Vincent Tang Chok Khing, Director/Head of OPUS East Malaysia and Managing Director of OPUS Consultants Sarawak.

With a three-decade-long track record, OPUS Consultants has earned renown for delivering comprehensive engineering solutions, sustainable innovations, and holistic asset management across diverse sectors. The company's unwavering commitment to sustainability positions it as a catalyst for positive change, supporting projects of all scales. Its focus spans infrastructure, built environments, railways, renewable energy, energy-efficient development, and comprehensive asset management.
In Sarawak, OPUS Consultants' involvement in transformative projects such as the Coastal Road Network, Second Trunk Roads, Kuching Urban Transportation System, and Pan Borneo Highway underscores their dedication to sustainable growth and partnership in realizing Sarawak's vision. Moreover, OPUS Consultants recognizes the pivotal role of local expertise and talent in driving sustainable growth. Notably, over 60% of its workforce engaged in Sarawak projects are Sarawakians. This commitment aligns with the company's philosophy of capacity-building and cultivating sustainable talent.

The international presence of the UEM Edgenta reflects its innovative strength, pushing boundaries and enhancing its reputation as a leader in engineering and sustainability. With a commitment to addressing climate change, OPUS Consultants will participate in the 28th session of the Conference of Parties (COP 28) in the UAE this November 2023, presenting its latest services and offerings.

In essence, OPUS Consultants' offerings encompass a comprehensive approach to sustainability, a groundbreaking zero-capex program, proven results, industry leadership, local engagement, collaborative spirit, and a successful track record across diverse projects. These factors distinctly position OPUS Consultants as a compelling choice for clients seeking impactful and holistic solutions to meet their net-zero emissions visions.


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