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We have always remain committed towards human capital development. Our investments in learning and development are vital for building workforce capabilities to meet the challenges of delivering future business goals.
At UEM Edgenta, we equip our workforce with both functional and leadership skills. We offer a breadth of opportunities for employees to achieve their potential through investment in skills development and upgrading of qualifications.

Our investment to our People begins the moment the new Edgenta Stars step into the organisation with a thorough 90 to 120 days onboarding programme to ensure a successful and enriched journey with UEM Edgenta. The strong network of onboarding buddies and mentors pave the way for a smoother induction into the organisation. We take pride in ensuring that our People are inducted and certified on the Edgenta Way in delivering our services.

On a longer development journey, we have series of compulsory leadership, behavioural and managerial programmes to continuously upgrade our People with the right future skills to bring Edgenta to the next level. Our Continuous Education Programme (CEP), enables the upgrading of qualification to Diploma, Degree and Masters.

The establishment of the Edgenta Academy aims to inculcate the way we work to our People, vendors and partners. The Academy institutionalise our standards, processes and competencies through structured training, capabilities assessment and certification programmes.
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