Our Beliefs
Our Commitment to Sustainability
At UEM Edgenta, sustainability means managing and operating a responsible business alongside securing profits and driving long-term value creation. Our approach to sustainability is focused on striking a balance between our economic aspirations and our commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) responsibilities.

The ESG principles are enshrined in our core values in which we commit to treating our colleagues and stakeholders with respect.
Our Initiatives
Our sustainability initiatives are supported by key policies, systems, processes, standard operating procedures and best practices. These are communicated across our operations through strategic engagement channels and methods:

  • Undertaking energy efficiency programmes in our own premises, as well as those of our customers, both to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Digitalisation of the facilities management ecosystem through our FM platform called SmartConnect, which enables real-time monitoring of energy consumption.
  • Leveraging on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning with a group of data scientists stationed at our Command & Contact Centre (CnC) to provide data insights to optimise energy consumption.
  • Reducing waste through the development of recycled pavement products and services by our Pavement Research Centre.

  • Emphasising on people development by designing impactful programmes to enhance the capabilities, skills and knowledge of our employees. We also believe in diversity and inclusivity to cultivate a healthy workforce.
  • Providing financial aid for employees under our annual zakat funds management programme and special tokens of gratitude to our essential front liners.
  • Putting in place robust health and safety frameworks by providing all the necessary training to our employees. We also seek to create a culture of safety where every employee takes responsibility for his/her own safety as well as that of others.

  • Continuous engagement with our communities through participation in community outreach programmes, sponsorships and donations through budgeted resources and available corporate zakat funds.


  • Established key policies and practices which are continuously communicated across our business through strategic engagement channels and methods. We deliver our services on par with global standards and have implemented the Quality Management System, while gaining 25 ISO certifications in continuous efforts to promote operational excellence and efficiency.
  • Upholding ethics and integrity, we have in place a Code of Conduct which clearly sets out behaviours that are expected of everyone at UEM Edgenta in the workplace among colleagues, as well as externally with our business partners, investors, shareholders, the media and other stakeholders.
  • Contribute to the industries we are in through knowledge sharing and dialogue where our leadership team is regularly called to participate at industry events, at which they provide insights into areas of our expertise.

Information as per 2020 UEM Edgenta Annual Report.

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