Sustainability Governance
We recognise the need for a resilient and effective governance framework to uphold strong sustainability governance and embed sustainability in our business decision making as well as our daily operations. Our sustainability strategy and direction are cascaded down to each business unit/corporate function from the top, whereby the Board of Directors holds ultimate responsibility on the Group’s overall sustainability matters.
UEM Edgenta’s corporate Sustainability effort and direction are steered by the ESG Steering Committee.
The ESG Steering Committee (SC) is led by UEM Edgenta’s MD/CEO and drives the development of sustainability strategy and frameworks, as well as the implementation of sustainability strategy and initiatives. The SC deliberates and reviews annual sustainability matters and risks, KPIs and performance before reporting and recommending revisions, if any, to BGRC. The SC also oversees and considers input from ESG Working Team to ensure robustness of sustainability management system.
The ESG Working Team provides strategic support for the development of sustainability strategy, frameworks, plans and roadmaps including the formulation of sustainability targets and KPIs. It also helps to monitor and report sustainability performance to the SC apart from coordinating the implementation of sustainability activities, aligning sustainability agenda with business practices, and coordinating with Risk Management Committee to incorporate sustainability risk within the Group’s risk profile.
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