Sustainability Initiatives At A Glance
Business Solutions for Clients
Energy Performance Contracts
Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) is one of our initiatives that enables us to collaborate with customers to reduce their carbon emissions and overall energy expenditure. The EPC covers retrofitting for lighting system, chiller plant and air compressor plant. In 2021, we achieved more than 37,000kWh of total energy savings, a substantial increase from a cumulative 81 million kWh from 2017 to 2020.

SmartConnect allows real-time monitoring of energy consumption on every level in a building and benchmarks the consumption against the Building Energy Index. Developed by UEM Edgenta’s Property & Facility Solutions division, SmartConnect uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enable efficient energy management with machine learning for prescriptive analytics. In 2021, four clients’ buildings under the management of UEM Edgenta obtained Green Building Index Certification.

Benchmark ESG
A digital platform that that enables HSSE management in UEM Edgenta. It provides a structured reporting process that allows the notification, monitoring and reviewing of any action related to risk management for identified persons in charge. The digital platform helps us to manage workplace incidents including work-related hazards, high-risk potential situations and incidents and regulation of occupational diseases, apart from tracking and monitoring COVID-19 cases.

In addition, we have a digital ecosystem to unleash the capabilities of digital platform economies and accelerate innovation in business at the same time. We have further diversified our platform to include Smart Asset Management, Smart Roadways, Smart Project Management, two new tech platforms, Asseto and QuickMed, which are supported by our cloud partner, Alibaba Cloud.

Minimising Environmental Impacts
Green Initiatives at Rest and Service Areas (RSA) / Lay-Bys with PLUS Expressways Berhad
Natural Rainwater Harvesting System
Starting with 11 pilot rainwater harvesting sites, we have collected 1,161 m3 total rainwater between November 2021 and July 2022 to be utilised for RSA cleaning and plant irrigation. In addition a total of 3,167 m3 of water was recovered from surrounding tube wells at an average rate of 441 m3 per month between January 2022 and July 2022 from surrounding tube wells. We are currently analysing our rainwater consumption, and planning to expand the rainwater harvesting system to all RSAs in phases.
Solid Waste Management
A solid waste management programme will be rolled out in three pilot sites at selected RSAs starting September 2022. Recycling bins will be placed at strategic locations such as entrances to food courts, walkways to toilets and areas near refuse chambers to promote recycling habits among expressway users on PLUS highways.

New Jersey Barrier (NJB) - Collaboration with PLUS Expressways Berhad and Cement Industries Malaysia Berhad (CIMA)
A joint initiative with PLUS and CIMA to explore the use of Fibre Reinforced Concrete to construct Concrete Median Barrier using cast and precast materials on site based on the Slipform methodology. The process can optimise the grade of the concrete, reinforce other raw material components such as steel, optimise labour usage, potentially reduce construction duration and lessen heat, noise and air pollution. The project is still at an exploratory stage.

Solar Panels at Menara UEM
The installation of photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of Menara UEM has reduced our electricity consumption by 4.5% (between FY2020 and FY2021).

Recycled Asphalt Premix (RAP) Plant
We collaborated with Taiping Municipal Council in a pilot programme to recycle asphalt pavement and successfully reused 612.5 tonnes of milling waste as recycled asphalt pavement. The project is at a pilot stage and we will be moving towards commercialisation when feasible.

The Health and Well-Being of Employees and Contractors
Our employees receive medical and healthcare expenses, and are provided with access to health screening programmes, medical services in panel clinics, and psychologist or psychiatrist consultation for mental health. Our efforts in promoting the health and well-being of our workforce include:
  • Depression Anxiety Stress Scale
  • Ergonomic Risk Assessment
  • Muscular Skeletal Disorder project
  • Chemical Health Risk Assessment
  • Noise Risk Assessment
    • Evaluates the HSSE capability of contractors prior to their participation in project tenders
    • An online pilot assessment was conducted in 2021, whereby 80% of the contractors evaluated met the requirement of 2 star-ratings
    • Evaluates suppliers and contractors’ compliance to UEM Edgenta’s HSSE requirements
    • Initiatives implemented to guide contractors in UEM Edgenta’s HSSE requirements:
                                                                                • Contractor Engagement Roadshow 2021
                                                                                • e-PTW system implementation in infrastructure services
                                                                                • Revision of HSSE Management Requirements
                                                                                • HSSE Performance Management
    • Held at the Healthcare Technology Centre (HTEC), the roadshow aimed to initiate safety conversations with contractor partners
  • SAFETY DAY 2021
    • Staff and Frontliners received Prihatin Care Boxes comprising multivitamin and Vitamin C, hand sanitisers and Actimol

Working with our Business Partners
Bumiputera Vendor Development Programme
As one of the largest conglomerates in Malaysia, we have been an active supporter of the Government’s Bumiputera Vendor Development Programme since 2014. Credible Bumiputera vendors who meet UEM Edgenta’s requirements are prioritised in our procurement practices within the Malaysia operations. In 2021, the number of contracts outsourced to Bumiputera vendors increased by more than 80% to RM617 million from RM335 million in 2020.

Engaging with Edgenta Stars
Our employees, known as Edgenta Stars, are highly engaged even during the pandemic. In 2021, we organised various employee engagement initiatives and programmes such as webinars, Jalinan Naluri, Blue Hornets and Edgenta Care Society. Other initiatives included:
  • Sembang HR: 15 Sembang HR sessions were held to enhance managers’ people management skills
  • Edgenta Innovation Day 2021: A convention of innovative leaders from various fields aimed at inspiring Edgenta Stars to explore new ideas. The key highlight of the event was the launch of Edgenta Idea Bank, a collaborative platform for Edgenta Stars to explore and develop ideas together. The event also announced the winners of the Digitalisation Tourney 2021 and showcased their prototypes
  • Edgenta Idea Bank: Helps to capture, organise and prioritise the best ideas as initiatives. In 2021, 75 ideas were submitted from across the business units
  • Digitalisation Tourney: An internal competition that allowed participating teams to convert day-to-day challenges in UEM Edgenta into technology-based solutions. The programme received 44 registrations

Supporting Our Community
  • Animal Adoption Programme at Zoo Negara:
UEM Edgenta continued supporting Zoo Negara’s ‘Adopt an Animal’ programme for the second consecutive year by contributing to the healthcare and food of Mas Boy and Mas Kira, a Nubian giraffe pair.
  • Tree Adoption with Taman Tugu Project:
UEM Edgenta adopted the Mersawa Paya tree through a partnership with Taman Tugu Project. The tree is listed under the vulnerable category in the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List and is classified as endangered in the Malaysia Plant Red List.
  • Virtual Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Mobile Apps Workshop:
We collaborated with SMK Jenjarom’s STEM club and held a two-day virtual workshop on developing mobile app games. About 20 students from the STEM Club took part and developed their own demo of a mobile app game.
  • Zakat Wakalah Disbursement:
Various programmes were organised to distribute zakat wakalah to 2,500 recipients of Asnaf under the Al-Gharimin, Fisabilillah and Asnaf Miskin categories. The recipients included UEM Edgenta’s employees and B40 local communities.
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