Sustainability Material Matters
At UEM Edgenta, we focus on meeting the needs of our stakeholders to ensure continuous value creation by identifying the material issues that matter most to our stakeholders and to our business. To obtain feedback and insights, we conduct a materiality assessment from time to time to align with our industry peers and keep up to date with the latest sustainability landscape. Our latest materiality assessment in 2021 resulted with 11 sustainability issues that are significant to our business and to our stakeholders.
Focus Groups on Priority Material Matters championed by C-Suite/ Senior Management
  • Consist of persons in charge from Business Units and Corporate Support Functions to roll out initiatives
  • Shape and implement initiatives for each Focus Material Matter
Energy & Climate
Champion: Chief Strategy Officer & Business Heads

Energy and Climate have always been our priority, and we are committed to accelerating the transition towards a low-carbon future for ourselves and for our clients
Understanding the Group’s GHG emission footprint and setting reduction targets to align with the national agenda of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050
Environmental Management
Champion: Head, OE & Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE)
We have set out strategic initiatives to manage our environmental impacts and conserve natural resources for our future generations
Delivering positive impacts along its value chain by disposing waste responsibly such as adopting waste to energy, or circular economy practices
Human Rights Assessment
Champion: Chief People Officer
We believe that Human Rights should be protected, and we are committed to increasing Human Rights awareness and practices across all our operations
Increasing awareness on Human Rights management within UEM Edgenta’s workforce and supply chain to enhance human rights management across the Group
Supply Chain Management
Champion: Chief Financial Officer
We will continue to embed sustainability practices into our Supply Chain Management, which is integral to our journey of value creation
Understanding supply chain ESG risks and mitigating value chain impact by advocating ESG risk and performance management among suppliers
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