Sustainability Roadmap
Establishing a Sustainability Roadmap will provide us a comprehensive strategy towards achieving our goals and targets. Our Sustainability Roadmap was developed in May 2022 using a holistic six-step approach. The approach included gathering insights from internal stakeholders through various workshops and taking into consideration the material matters that are significant to our business and stakeholders. We have also shortlisted five broad areas of initiatives based on the four key material matters to continue working towards our targets and goals for FY2022.
The Journey Towards Our Sustainability Roadmap
UEM Edgenta Corporate Sustainability Journey
  • Establish sustainability governance structure with roles and responsibilities
  • Adopt local and international frameworks to enhance sustainability reporting
  • Develop and roll out Sustainability Roadmap with key targets and milestones
  • Enhance Sustainability Policy
  • Improve reporting content and material matter disclosures
  • Develop sustainability culture among UEM Edgenta employees
  • Develop quantitative Key Performance Index (KPIs) and targets for Focus Material Matters initiatives
  • Introduce more robust initiatives to increase positive impacts to Environmental, Social and Governance
  • Embed sustainability commitments into Corporate Mission and Vision
  • Complete digitalisation of sustainability data management and expand digital technology adoption/ innovation
  • Increase supplier sustainability knowledge
  • Enhance commitment to Human Rights across the Group and its value chain
  • Identify preparedness to embark on climate-related financial disclosures
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