We are constantly creating new technological and innovative solutions that will help our clients optimise their assets to its full potential.
To drive operational excellence, we constantly challenge status-quo processes and drive innovation initiatives such as the Continuous Improvement programme which includes Innovation Garage and LEAN frameworks. These initiatives have shown positive results in cost savings, improving process efficiency and inculcating a safer working environment.
LEAN Process Improvements & Training
The LEAN programme aims to actively identify and eradicate all priority losses/wastages in the End to End (“E2E”) supply chain network which drives significant improvement in business and operational performance. Through this, we aim to realise actual savings that will positively impact our growth and profitability.
Innovation Garage
As part of Khazanah’s GLC transformation initiative, UEM Edgenta embarked on the Trending Innovation Disruption Entrepreneurship (TIDE) Programme that focuses on intensifying value enhancing innovation. We adopted “Innovation Garage” to reach our most audacious business goals, faster and more sustainably.
The Innovation Garage has four essential elements: hand-picked Talent, co-located in a creative Space, working in agile cadence with a design-influenced Toolkit, supported by a Network of sponsors, collaborators and experts.

Its focus areas include:
  • Cost savings
  • New revenue initiatives
  • Finance initiatives
  • Safety initiatives
Automisation & Mechanisation
Introduction of machinery and robots to automate and mechanise work in addressing 3 areas of concern:
  • Reducing financial costs
  • Lowering reliance on manpower
  • Minimising exposure to health and safety risks
Pavement Research Centre
Within our Infrastructure Services division, the Pavement Research Centre looks into the development of sustainable and environmentally-friendly road surfaces, amongst others. It involves pavement condition assessment, pavement rehabilitation, pavement testing, drainage maintenance, as well as cleaning and traffic safety services.
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