Technology-Enabled Solutions
We are a forward-thinking company, embracing and employing technology through the use of data. Our Command & Contact Centre is the central hub for IoT applications, revolutionising the way we do things and increases operational efficiency.
The Command & Contact Centre is the central hub for the creation and implementation of IoT applications into the realm of facilities management. It uses Microsoft Azure’s cloud-based machine learning for prediction and anomaly detection which enables operational insights to better manage issues and provide a higher level of service delivery to our customers.
The advanced platforms allow us to cut-down costs and be more efficient in our work.

As the centralised monitoring facility, it tracks assets in real-time and functions as a center for data and analytics.

Proprietary systems to power our efficiency & daily operations for the convenience of our 18,000 employees in the region

UETrack™ is a mobile resource optimisation platform, which encompasses a web portal, mobile and tablet app.
It consists of several sub-modules to support housekeeping, facility management and other services. UETrack™ also enhances productivity, promotes automation of work processes, reduces cost and improves customer satisfaction, among other benefits.

RAMS is a comprehensive and integrated enterprise system used in Infrastructure Services for efficient and effective delivery of asset management and maintenance operation services as per client's requirements.
It offers a cutting-edge integrated highway maintenance system with a cloud-based system that allows efficient work order management, remote monitoring and supports real-time decision making. Accessibility of RAMS is made available to various stakeholders of the asset including the asset owner, governmental authorities, consultants, surveyors, managers, mainline workers, supply chain partners and auditors.
    • Inventory Register
    • Condition Assessment, Inspections
    • Notification of Defects
    • Works Management - Routine, Periodic, Additional
    • Emergency and Incidence Response
    • Response Team Monitoring and Tracking

    • Performance Audit
    • KPI Monitoring and Reporting
    • Work Scheduling
    • Complaints and Feedback
    • Dashboard Monitoring
    • HSE Beakon System

The Edgenta Smart Connect Solutions is able to harness data insights to deliver better value and improved services to our customers such as real-time data from air conditioning, lighting, lift systems and other building services, which is then processed to flag irregularities. 
The solution allows predictive maintenance, anomaly detection and improved performance of assets.
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