UEM Edgenta Innovating the Way to Workplace Safety
UEM Edgenta's Safety Day 2021 with the theme 'Quality Talk, Quality Tick' celebrates the Company's safety achievements as it strives to innovate new and better ways to further enhance its workplace safety amidst the new normal.
Syahrunizam Samsudin, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of UEM Edgenta Berhad giving a speech during the virtual ceremony on the Company's commitment to continuously strengthen their “Goal Zero” aspiration towards achieving zero injuries and accidents at the workplace.
Employees across businesses locally and internationally celebrating their safety achievements during UEM Edgenta's Safety Day 2021.
  • Emphasises on psychological safety on top of physical health, COVID-19 management, contractor engagement programmes as well as certification & accreditation.
  • Collaborates with stakeholders for safety improvements and emotional wellbeing, benefitting personnel for better productivity at the workplace.
  • Gears up vaccination drive awareness to enable smooth transition for economic recovery across all business operations.

Full Release: Kuala Lumpur, 1 October – UEM Edgenta Berhad (“UEM Edgenta” or the “Company”), the region’s leading Asset Management and Infrastructure Solutions Company, continues to strive for newer and better ways to further enhance its workplace safety amidst the new normal, and celebrates its safety achievements during UEM Edgenta Safety Day 2021, held virtually recently.

Joined by the Company’s personnel both locally and internationally, UEM Edgenta’s Safety Day 2021 with the theme ‘Quality Talk, Quality Tick’, marked the 621st day since the Company’s last occurrence of fatal incidents, making it the safest period for UEM Edgenta despite the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

Syahrunizam Samsudin, UEM Edgenta’s Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer said, “Our Safety Day today is one example of the Company's commitment to continuously strengthen our “Goal Zero” aspiration towards achieving zero injuries and accidents at the workplace. Taking into account the nature of our business, where almost 70% of our personnel are considered as frontliners, it is important that we all comply with every standard operating procedure (“SOP”) and regulations set by our respective authorities in ensuring the safety of all parties while performing their daily duties.”

He also said, “I am happy to announce that the vaccination rate in UEM Edgenta also shows promising developments, in which close to 95% of our personnel have been administered with either their first or second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. It is imperative for us to be as emotionally and physically fit as well as healthy as possible to serve our clients better, and to ensure our safety is safeguarded at all times so that we can all return to our loved ones safely at the end of every day.”

Riding on these successes, the Company embarked on a more robust effort to further enhance its employees’ safety to reduce injuries and any work-related incidents by introducing numerous programmes to promote physical and emotional health among its employees. These include performing Radio Taiso, a light exercise practiced by UEM Edgenta’s personnel before starting their duties in the morning, BeFit - Life’s Simple 7 programme, an assessment to evaluate the Company’s personnel on their fitness level, regular engagements through ‘Brown Bag’ sessions with guest speakers to discuss issues and challenges, and periodical COVID-19 screenings for employees across all businesses.

Other than that, the Company has also implemented its Emergency Action Plan (“ERP”) and conducted the training regularly, as well as established an advisory team to aid its personnel who are faced with challenges physically and/or emotionally. A Vaccination Awareness Drive programme and an Infection, Prevention & Control e-Guidebook are also ongoing to promote COVID-19 vaccination among its personnel as well as contractors to further propagate a safe working environment and help to achieve the broadest coverage of vaccination as possible within the communities in which UEM Edgenta operate in.

To date, the Company’s Operational Excellence & Health, Safety, Security and Environment (“OE & HSSE”) has conducted 1,419 Quality Talk Quality Tick sessions with its workforce and contractors, where discussions on ways to improve safety and quality of tasks were held followed by site inspections and launched 43,875 contactless toolbox talks involving informal safety meetings during the pandemic.

Andrew Raj, UEM Edgenta’s Head of OE & HSSE said, “Safety is the foundation of UEM Edgenta’s culture. In conjunction with our annual Safety Day, let us be reminded that safety is a collective responsibility that all employees should uphold. We are proud to have maintained HSSE best practices in reiterating our commitment towards achieving Goal Zero.”

“Our in-house solutions and safety measures has enabled us to elevate safety and health parameters to the highest standard across our business operations. We will continue to expand the use of technology and digital initiatives to achieve better operational efficiency, as well as ensuring our employees and stakeholders’ welfare and well-being are safeguarded,” added Andrew.

To further enhance its contractor management programmes in building a safety-first ecosystem within the operations, UEM Edgenta also organised a virtual Contractor Engagement Roadshow (“CER”) 2021 recently, which involved 360 participants including contractors and safety practitioners. During the event, the Company introduced the Infrastructure Vendor Development Programme (“IVDP”), which aims to further improve the involvement and quality of work from contractors in the Infrastructure Services division.

In 2020, the Company received an international recognition – as the only company outside of Australia to receive the Fleet Safety Award during the Fleet Award ceremony held by the Australasian Fleet Management Association (“AfMA”).


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