UEM Edgenta's Holistic CSR Initiatives, Enriching Both Humanity and Animals
Infrastructure Services team from UEM Edgenta handing over a token of appreciation to representatives from ‘Zero Strays Miri’. This initiative seamlessly complements UEM Edgenta’s on-going “Saving Animals, Serving Community” programme, which aims to create a sustainable future while preserving ecosystem harmony, ensuring prosperity for generations to come.
UEM Edgenta volunteers actively engaged in the cleaning and disinfection of animal enclosures and shelter areas. Their efforts include litter replacement, food container maintenance, and ensuring the animals' toilet areas are clean and hygienic.
UEM Edgenta volunteers contributing to the shelter's environment by engaging in landscaping activities such as grass cutting and removing trees and bushes. Their dedication demonstrates unwavering commitment by caring for shelter animals through grooming, medication, and creating a nurturing environment with landscaping activities.
Additional Info
  • UEM Edgenta is deeply dedicated to cultivating a compassionate society and spreading awareness about responsible animal care. Commencing 8 August 2023, the Company embarked on a five-month ‘spay and neuter’ programme in collaboration with SPCA Selangor. Made available to both employees and the public, the initiative promotes responsible pet ownership by providing subsidised rates. Our past initiatives include sponsoring a pair of Aldabra Giant Tortoises, renewing our Giraffe adoption and contributing visitor benches at Zoo Negara Malaysia. The collective efforts of UEM Edgenta and its volunteers encapsulate our pursuit of a harmonious and sustainable coexistence between humanity and animals.

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