Sustainability At UEM Edgenta
Reshaping the Business Towards a Sustainable Future
UEM Edgenta’s sustainability is anchored on the three pillars of sustainability, Economic, Environmental and Social, and projected through three key themes:
MD/CEO'S Statement
Embracing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices is a balancing act that requires us to embed sustainability in the work that we do and the services that we offer while upholding strong corporate values. It is about making choices that are very important to the Environment and to the People that work with us and together with us. It is about us making sure that we uphold integrity, compliance and good governance in everything we do. 

While the ESG conversation is rapidly taking place amongst our shareholders, we want to make it part of our DNA and demonstrate ESG in our daily activities. This means entrenching ESG into our operational culture, strengthening our policies, investing into markets that value ESG, paying close attention to basic human rights principles and leading our supply chain and the industry with ESG practices through our Sustainability Roadmap. Ultimately, we want to build a resilient, sustainable company that is not just profitable, but one that all stakeholders will benefit from.
Syahrunizam Samsudin
Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer
Key Highlights
CEO Action Network
CEO Action Network or CAN is a closed-door peer-to-peer informal network of CEOs and Board members focused on sustainability advocacy, capacity building, action and performance. Through a dedicated Working Group, Workstreams and active members driving bespoke initiatives, CAN aspires to catalyse its members towards shaping future-ready and ESG-integrated business models and ecosystems.

In December 2021, UEM Edgenta was accepted as one of the 59 Members of CAN. We have also confirmed our active participation in two of the workstreams - Awareness & Capacity Building and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. As a member, we are committed to engage with various stakeholders including our supply chain, regulators and policy makers, government, as well as our peers across various sectors to forge partnerships that are committed to responsible business practices and sustainable development. In the process, we will not only exchange industry best practices, but also share proven strategies and future-proof ideas with CAN participants.
Workstream #1
Policy Advocacy
Aims to influence and shape policies and strategies to spur meaningful action that creates positive impact and limits all kinds of harm by multiple stakeholders
Workstream #2
Awareness & Capacity Building
Strives to raise awareness and build capacity across multiple levels and functions of member organisations and their value chains, helping them champion sustainability for business
Workstream #3
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)
Aims to raise awareness on the principles of and business case for diversity, equity and inclusion, while helping strengthen policies and strategic interventions
Climate Governance Malaysia
As one of the Corporate Friends of Climate Governance Malaysia (“CGM”), UEM Edgenta is able to leverage on the partnership to actively engage on climate-action matters and contribute to Malaysia’s plan of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Corporate Friends of CGM is a sponsorship programme by CGM, the Malaysian chapter of the World Economic Forum’s Climate Governance Initiative.

Being part of CGM allows UEM Edgenta to fulfil one of the FTSE4Good Bursa Malaysia Index constituent evaluation criteria on its membership of trade associations that engage on climate-related issues and its involvement in these trade associations. UEM Edgenta’s engagement with CGM includes receiving information on climate-related issues through CGM’s periodic newsletters, weekly Asia Pacific Climate Digest and CGM’s blog alerts. UEM Edgenta is also given the opportunity to participate in CGM’s events such as climate action workshops and forums.
Sustainability Awards
We are guided by our Group company policies that embed good corporate governance in our business management and operations.
Our Sustainability Policy
Our Sustainability Policy sets out the guidelines for us to operate sustainably and responsibly in our journey to becoming the industry’s leader in sustainability.
Our Sustainability Statement
Download our Sustainability Statement here to read about our sustainability disclosures, goals and targets.
Our Sustainability Performance Data
We measure our sustainability performance to monitor our sustainability progress and continuously improve our economic, environmental and social impacts.
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