Our Beliefs
At UEM Edgenta, we are passionate to deliver triple bottom line results and create positive impact for our business and the markets we operate, people and planet.
Our services and commitment to our clients assures peace of mind that their assets under our care are managed optimally throughout its life-cycle via automated and mechanised technology-enabled solutions, balancing industrial, technical and ecological realities. This is an ideal eco-system for us to create sustainable growth, responsible business practices and innovate to continue our role as the leading Asset Management & Infrastructure Solutions company in the region.

We subscribe to a vision of optimising assets to improve lives which is enabled through the energy of our people and partners across the value chain, delivering our services safely, with quality the Edgenta Way, every day.
Sustainability Governance
As a Public Listed Company responsible to create value and sustainable growth for all our stakeholders, our success is built on our ability to identify and properly address economic, environmental and social issues that present risks or opportunities for the business.

Empowering our people and responding to emerging issues helps us continuously evolve by leveraging on innovation, technology and the expertise of our people. This method creates economic value, establishes and promotes sound environmental practices which contribute to a better society and delivers sustainable progress throughout our operations.

We are committed to achieving this balance by:
  • Designing our business strategies for long-term sustainable growth and achieve triple-bottom line results (economic, environmental and social impact);
  • Embedding a sustainability-driven mindset into our decision-making, planning and investments;
  • Committing to our core values of Future Focused, Imagine New Ways, Respect For All, Solutioning Mindset and True to Our Word;
  • Providing a healthy, safe, conducive and empowering workplace;
  • Influencing all stakeholders within our value chain to operate in a responsible manner;
  • Being an environmentally responsible leader and partner to our clients;
  • Conserving natural resources by optimising reuse and recycling wherever possible, as well as to ensure efficient and responsible use of water and energy; and
  • Conducting evaluations and self-assessments to ensure our operations complies with policies and guidelines.

UEM Edgenta’s sustainability governance is supported by key policies, systems, processes, standard operating procedures and best practices and is communicated across our operations through strategic engagement channels and methods. Our Sustainability Framework provides a comprehensive view of our holistic sustainability agenda which will form our future roadmap and classify the measures of our progress in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.
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